Full Name: Anastasiya Zhuravska
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Salon: Nasty Nails in the 6ix
Preferred Nail Art Medium: Gel
Favorite Nail Trend: Mixed-media

I’m Anastasiya and I’m your dancing nail artist 😉 Yes, you read it correctly; I dance and do nails. I treat nails the way I treat dance. Technique, clean and sharp shapes, storytelling through designs is what I look for in my work. Even though I’ve been in nail industry only for a year and a half, my commitment to practicing and learning pushes me to get better every day! I’m diligent in this craft because of the endless amounts of creativity that continue to spark my interest. I love being challenged and nails do exactly that!

For the “BCL Experience” challenge I decided to pick the “Limitless” theme. When I was reading through the guidelines the word “Limitless” stood out to me so strongly that I immediately knew that’s the direction I wanted to go in. The definition of the word limitless is – without end, limit, or boundary. That’s exactly how I wanted my set to look.
Five of my nails were structured with shapes that everyone knows, such as circle, square, triangle, rectangle. These shapes have rules and structure. The other 5 nails are built with shapes that don’t have any particular structure, they are fully free flowing. For the designs I took a similar approach. On the free structured set, I picked monochromatic and repetitive patterns. On the structured set I picked colourful and chaotic art. This set is the representation of absolute wild and free art combined with very structured one and that to me is a true representation of Limitless beauty.

For my Work Play Everyday set, I wanted to make sure that Work nails are of a comfortable length, shape and not too loud. Therefore I decided to go for a very classy French manicure but with a “witchy” twist. That’s right, my inspiration was an everyday modern witch that was invited to an all white party. Normally I would pick a stiletto shape for a witch inspired set but for the practicality I decided to go for a hybrid between stiletto and almond shape. As for the designs; I encapsulated silver foil into the French tip, added reversed sparkle ombré, and drew a magic wand through each nail. For the accessories, I started by creating 5 knuckle rings that are super easy to put on and off. Built a skeleton looking stiletto extension and attached those two pieces by a wire. For an extra glamorous look I added an abundance of rhinestones!

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Over the Top

For the 3rd Over The Top Challenge I took a slightly different approach in creating my futuristic nails.I am a big fan of science fiction movies so as my inspiration I decided to use Alien vs Predator film.One set of 5 nails was dedicated to Alien and another one to Predator.For both sets I used two chrome powders from Over The Top Effects; Pearl Obsession and Lighting Bolt. On the right hand you can find a mask of a Predator covering two nails that were sculpted with L&P clear acrylic. The pinky and index fingers represent his weapon.  The thumb has same sigils as on the Predator’s mask. On the left hand the head of the Alien goes over middle and ring finger as well. On the index finger I created an effect of monster’s dripping saliva. The tail of the Alien is painted on the pinky finger. The thumb has the same pattern as the one on the Alien’s head.

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Color Me KUPA

My inspiration for this challenge were the Cheetah and Unicorn KUPA sleeves as it allowed me to create fantasy world with explosion of colours!I decided to take more of a pop art direction with these nails.When I think of Unicorns; I associate it with astrology, moon, stars, love, pastel colours and rainbows. When I think Cheetahs; I relate it to fire, agression, wildness, and bold colours. I made sure to include all the above elements in my set.I started by drawing both animals faces, divided over two nails so they can be interchangeable to create one full face once put together. In the background you can see a rainbow that connects two nails no matter which set you wear. Each theme has 5 main colours that intertwine harmoniously with each other and similar elements that compliment one another.

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For my first challenge I decided to dedicate my nails to Ukraine. I am Ukrainian myself and it breaks my heart to see what my home country is going through. As mentioned in my video diary; the personal strength illustrated in this set is “Solidarity”. Each nail has a special meaning. The thumb has a background displaying shadows of people united for Ukraine. All the representation of people were created using colours of Plexigel with the dove over top; a symbol of peace, love, and hope. On the index finger we see profiles of two faces looking at each other which represent unity. The middle finger shows a national symbol of Ukraine called “Trident” or “Tryzub”. The Trident is composed from Cyrillic letters that mean “freedom” or in Ukrainian Volya (Воля). The ring finger has patterns inspired from traditional Ukrainian wear called “ Vyshyvanka”. Filigree or otherwise known as arabesque is my nail art strength that I wanted to showcase in this challenge. Lastly the pinky finger is wrapped with «Cossack’s»  belt. The Cossacks (from the Turkic kazak, meaning “adventurer” or “free man”)  were a martial society that formed from people who could not find their appropriate place in society and went into the steppes, where they acknowledged no authority.

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