CND’s newest release of PlexiGel Color Builder allows nail pros to create brush-on enhancements in a variety of shades. Because PlexiGel provides exceptional strength, we asked the Top 12 to show us their strengths as well.

On a single hand, they were to sculpt out nails using CND PlexiGel Builder and/or PlexiGel Color Builder. Then show us two of their strengths through nail art. The first strength should be a nail art technique (e-filing, underside nail art, hand painting, etc.) that they use to create their design. The design should illustrate a second, non-nail related personal strength (wisdom, multi-tasking, parenting) they possess. This artwork will help the judges get to know each contestant and their strengths + skill set that much better. Contestants must use EACH of the new PlexiGel Color Builder shades somewhere in their design or enhancement.

In their video diary they had to explain their strengths and make sure they capture their nail art technique on camera.

The winner of this challenge will receive immunity for Week 2!