KUPA’s newest creation, EnrichRX is meant to give clients strong, vitamin-infused nails fit for any type of lifestyle. Like a reliable accessory, nails can be the element that take a look from day to night. For this challenge, we asked the Top 9 to create nail art that takes us from work or every day to play. On one hand, they were to sculpt nails using EnrichRX and show us nail art that’s suitable for work or everyday wear. We then asked that they create nail art components and accessories that can be added onto this look to take it to the next level. These components and/or accessories should play up their skills by showing us an exaggerated take on nail art that would not be worn at the workplace or on an average day.

Their videos should show us how they crafted the work/everyday nails, the accessories, and how their look is transformed by adding on these pieces. Accessories and additional components must be made with nail products (they can’t just be a piece of jewelry or a charm etc.) and at least 50% of the components/accessories must be made with EnrichRX. An additional TikTok video showing how one of the components/accessories was made using EnrichRX was also required.

Below, you’ll find photos showing work/everyday nails and a second final photo showing the transformed “play” nails.