Full Name: Marisol Alvarado
Hometown: Stockton, Calif.
Salon: The Beauty Parlor
Preferred Nail Art Medium: Sculpted acrylic
Favorite Nail Trend: Encapsulated art

The evolution of nail art over the years has consistently grown my passion for the industry. The newest trends have allowed me to push my creativity to the next level, many times trying to find ways to become a trendsetter myself. Having an artistic medium where that type of creative freedom is welcomed and encouraged has continuously fueled my passion. I’m excited for this competition and I am looking forward to the challenge.

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Week 1: Young Nails


The caption I chose to represent on my nails is “Beautifully Broken.” This is something that has been my personal motto for several years. To me it represents the fact that we are all beautiful despite the flaws we have that may make us feel broken. The characteristics we have that make us feel broken are the features that make each and every one of us unique and give us our own individual fingerprints in this world.

To represent this caption I painted a beautiful sunset as the back drop on my nails. The sunset is a literal representation of my name, Marisol. While there are many different definitions of the name Marisol, I identify most closely with the following: Mari coming from a Latin source meaning sea, and Sol coming from the Spanish word for sun. Therefore, the meaning is “sea of the sun” or “sunny sea.”

Next, I painted cracks over this beautiful sunset to represent the broken aspect from my caption. This shows that even though it is broken, it is still beautiful. The final result gives you my artistic interpretation of “Beautifully Broken.”