Depending on your specialties as a nail tech, you probably have clients who like a whole range of nail looks. Some enjoy a solid color while others love your intricate nail art. Your clients’ individual preferences are part of what provides variety during your day and makes your job fun.

Nail artist and MODERN SALON Artist Connective member Trina Wright (@oohsnaap) knows the joys of having a career where you’re constantly creating. However, it’s not always easy, and it certainly helps to have a brand at your disposal that provides all the tools you need to be your most creative self, allowing you to accommodate any client. For Wright, Gelish is exactly that brand.

As a top professional nail brand, Gelish produces a wide range of gel products that will fit any nail tech’s creative needs. See how Wright uses the versatile brand to create three wildly different sets of nails.

Matte Vampy Mani

It only takes a single color and a matte top coat to achieve this classic fall look. Wright used Gelish’s shade “Tartan the Interruption” and a long stiletto shape for a vampire-inspired set.

Easy Optical Illusion

Gelish’s “Black Shadow” and “Arctic Freeze” shades make this optical illusion trend a breeze. Wright achieves the satisfying ombre effect using the brand’s oval gel brush.

Dimensional Gemstone

Creating depth and dimension in a nail is easy with Gelish. The Blooming Gel makes your polish pool and spread in interesting ways, and the Top It Off top coat securely seals in the chrome flakes while providing high shine.

These designs and so many more are easily achievable with the wide range of Gelish products. In addition to regular gel polish, whether you’re looking for a builder in a bottle, smooth dip powder, or the best hybrid gel in the industry, you’ll find it with Gelish. Nothing beats a beautiful, artful, long lasting manicure.

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