Gelish has introduced three new products for nail techs and artists to take their creativity and craft to the next level. 


Ombre Coat

Time-consuming dip ombre applications are a thing of the past. It’s time to light up your dip services with Gelish Ombre Coat. Change the game by adding this new LED cured gel coat to speed up the application of a full set of dip ombre nails. Ombre Coat is used in conjunction with dip color powders to give an ombre fade to the nails in just a few minutes.

Blooming Gel

In the past, marbling and watercolor nail art could be tricky to achieve, but no longer with Blooming Gel. When paired with Gelish Soak-Off Gel colors, Blooming Gel quickly transforms a full set of nails with a sophisticated and simple-to-achieve nail art. This gel coat works by dispersing color to create a gorgeous watercolor-inspired finished look. 


Chrome Stix

Chrome Stix are the easiest and fastest way to achieve a gorgeous chrome finish to a gel manicure. Chrome Stix come in six multidimensional shades that are guaranteed to take a nail look to the next level. Chrome Stix offer a reflective chrome shine that cannot be achieved with gel polish or lacquer applications alone.

Chrome Stix are packaged in ready-to-use, rub-on pens, which makes the application take only seconds. Gone are the days of fighting with a pot and doing your best not to spill or waste. With Chrome Stix, applications is as easy as removing the cap and putting the pen to the nail for an instantaneous chrome finish. 

Chrome Stix are available in six shades:

  • Pink Opal
  • Violet Chameleon
  • Magenta Chameleon
  • Fuchsia Mirror
  • Gold Holographic
  • Silver Holographic

Also, in late 2020, Gelish introduced Soft Gels and Soft Gel Tips to create a light-cured, pre-shaped nail enhancement. Gelish Soft Gels offer length with full-coverage and durable nails in just 20 minutes or less. Read more about them here.

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