Nail artist San Sung Kim is known for her artistry and out-of-this-world nail creations. She’s been utilizing the new Soft Gel Extensions from Gelish to create some recent looks, and needless to say, we’re #obsessed. 

The Soft Gel Extensions provide pre-shaped, full-nail coverage that flex to fit the shape of the nail bed. They’re made of a soft, jelly-like material that provides flexibility and durability for up to 21 days of wear, and a perfect seal at the cuticle edge creates a snag-free cuticle area, too.

Kim especially loves the Soft Gel Tip Adhesive, which made the application experience that much more seamless for her. 

“The viscosity of the gel is perfectly made for applying the extensions with ease,” she says. “I didn’t even have any of my typical issues with leakage on the side of the extensions.”

For this set, Kim chose the Long Stiletto shape to emphasize the dramatic mood of the design, which pieces together several different elements for a mesmerizing piece of art on each fingertip.

For this set, she used the Soft Gel Tips in Medium Coffin and added the fine details using the company’s Art Form Gels. 

“Although I like my coffins a little bit more tapered, I didn’t change the shape at all (besides the cuticle area of the extension, which I always file to match my own cuticle shape)," she says.

To use Soft Gel Tips, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Apply Gelish Soft Gel Tip Primer to natural nails.
  2. Apply a liberal amount of Soft Gel Tip Adhesive to the Soft Gel Tip contact area (underside of the Soft Gel Tip).
  3. Place Soft Gel Tip onto the nail using a rolling motion for bubble-free application. Start firmly from the cuticle area with constant pressure to the free edge. Ensure a close fit side to side completely covering the nail grooves. If air bubbles are present, remove and reapply with step 2.
  4. Flash cure for 5 seconds with the Gelish Touch LED Light, holding the Soft Gel Tip in place to maintain the seal.
  5. Repeat steps 1-5 for all nails.
  6. Cure all five fingers for 60 seconds in the 18G LED Light.

Learn more about Gelish Soft Gel Extensions here!

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