Nail Art Studio: Aloha Retro
Nail Art Studio: Aloha Retro

1. Apply two coats of a pastel teal color (Akzéntz Luxio Tiffany) and cure. Use a dark blue (Akzéntz Options Cobalt Blue) to make two half-circles and cure.

2. Using a bright yellow (Akzéntz Gel Play Paint Sun Yellow), make two lines on either side of the bottom circle. On the top circle, use a dotting tool to make dots over the dark blue and border with a fine yellow line. Cure.

3. On the lower circle, use the light teal to add five dots on top of the dark blue. On the upper circle, use the dark blue and a fine liner brush to add a thin line next to the yellow, a larger dot, and a delicate S-shape across the nail.

4. Use the dark blue to paint small leaves on the S-shaped line and cure. Finish with Akzéntz Shine-On Top Gloss and cure.

Karilynn Marshall, Gelz by Karilynn, Bowden, Alberta, Canada @GelzByKarilynn

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