Stephanie Loesch, a California-based nail tech who won first runner up in our Next Top Nail Artist Season 8 competition, uses her insane artistic abilities to create unique nail designs, which often include freehand drawing and lots of bling.

She’s been experimenting with the new Soft Gel Extensions from Gelish to showcase her creative creations, just in time for some winter nail inspo.

For this cozy, “sweater weather” look, Loesch uses the Long Stiletto shape and a rich burgundy shade called “Take Time & Unwind” as the base, plus mauve-y shade “Be Free” sprinkled with fine glitter for the cable knit effect.

“Soft Gel Extensions make for a perfect shape everytime, whether you’re wearing them as a bi-weekly set of nails or custom press-ons,” Loesch says. “Multiple uses! Who knew?”

In another fabric-inspired look, Loesch again used the Long Stiletto shape extension and created a plaid design.

“Changing my nails as often as I want has become the easiest it’s ever been with this system,” she says. “In three easy steps you have the perfectly shaped mani everytime! 1. Prep 2. Application 3. Paint.”

And in this snowflake-inspired set, Loesch used Soft Gel Extensions in Long Coffin using colors "Sheek White" and "Dancin’ in the Sunlight."

To use Soft Gel Tips, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Apply Gelish Soft Gel Tip Primer to natural nails.
  2. Apply a liberal amount of Soft Gel Tip Adhesive to the Soft Gel Tip contact area (underside of the Soft Gel Tip).
  3. Place Soft Gel Tip onto the nail using a rolling motion for bubble-free application. Start firmly from the cuticle area with constant pressure to the free edge. Ensure a close fit side to side completely covering the nail grooves. If air bubbles are present, remove and reapply with step 2.
  4. Flash cure for 5 seconds with the Gelish Touch LED Light, holding the Soft Gel Tip in place to maintain the seal.
  5. Repeat steps 1-5 for all nails.
  6. Cure all five fingers for 60 seconds in the 18G LED Light.

Learn more about Gelish Soft Gel Extensions here.

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