Nearly 70% of adults will have to deal with athlete’s foot at some point in their life.  As a nail tech, you can’t diagnose or treat this fungus, but you can provide general information on avoiding athlete’s foot or preventing its recurrence.

Here are some simple steps clients can take:

• Wash feet thoroughly with soap and water each day.
  • Towel-dry feet completely, including between the toes,
after bathing.
  • Keep nails clean and clipped short.
  • Avoid walking barefoot in locker rooms or public showers
(wear sandals).
  • Trade 100% cotton socks for ones made of moisture-wicking materials.
  • Buy at least two pairs of well-fitted shoes and alternate wear to allow them to dry and air out.
  • Sprinkle an antifungal powder inside shoes each morning to absorb excess moisture.
  • Change socks one or more times each day.

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