Accomplished nail artist and business educator Chloe Reed (@glamnailz210) is always coming up with innovative ways to use the products she has on hand. She has nail artistry courses on all sorts of creative techniques, such as airbrushing, to show other artists neat ways to use products to their advantage.

Gelish is one versatile brand that makes creating a breeze for Reed. With Gelish’s wide range of products, polish colors and building tools, any design is possible—whether it be simple or intricate. See below for some of the ways that Reed uses Gelish for beautiful nails.

Natural-Looking Length

Gelish’s Soft Gel extension system is perfect for adding length while keeping the nails looking natural. The tips are crystal clear, so you can make them look however you want. Here, Reed adds a translucent layer of the colors “Simply Irrisistable” mixed with “Signature Sound” before topping it off with a layer of No Cleanse Top Coat for a simple and pretty French mani.

Rebuilding Damaged Nails

Did you know that you can rebuild or patch up a damaged nail with hybrid gel? Reed successfully used Gelish’s Polygel to rebuild this client’s nailbed (after it had healed naturally). She was then able to apply a Soft Gel tip to the repaired nail and design as normal.

Easy Control for Designs

If you’re looking to do some intricate nail art, it’s easy with Gelish’s Soft Gel tips. You can simply design your nails before applying them to your client. What if you designed your client’s whole set before they even got there? Perfect for when you need a quiet moment and total concentration.

Gelish has the best range of gel products to become your all-in-one brand. Whether you need builder gel, soft gel extension tips, Polygel, dip powder, or a huge selection of gel polish colors, Gelish has you covered.

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