With over 18 years of nail industry experience, MODERN SALON Artist Connective Member Chloe Reed (@glamnailz210) has done her fair share of stunning nail art. So, you can imagine her excitement when she discovers products that make it easier, quicker, or more fun to create unique designs.

Reed has been experimenting with all things Gelish lately, and has found out that the brand’s expansive collection of products and tools really open the flood gates of what you are able to do on a little nail canvas. Speaking of nail canvases, Reed especially enjoys using Gelish’s Soft Gel Tips in all different shapes, which are perfect for practicing nail art, experimenting with new techniques, and creating finished looks.

Check out some of Reed’s most creative looks made using Gelish below, complete with video tutorials.

Gold & Chain

Reed starts this look off with Gelish’s shade “Gilded in Gold,” boosting the richness of the gold with Gelish Chrome Stix in Pink Opal. She embellishes some of the nails with a stamped texture, some small gold chain, and gems for a unique and classy set. Perfect for glittery holiday parties!

Reptile Skin

Inspired by one of the textures on her stamping plate, Reed creates an ombre reptile design with a beautiful 3D effect. Chrome Stix gives the base of the look an iridescent finish, making the pattern really pop when topped with matte and clear gel.

Ombre Chrome French

This is a take on the visually pleasing optical illusion trend that’s been circulating around the nail world this year. Reed uses Chrome Stix to add chrome to precise areas, helping her get that satisfying ombre.

Gelish’s specialty is providing nail techs with all the tools they need to be their most creative selves. Whether you’re looking for brushes, tips, or a massive collection of beautiful gel colors, Gelish has you covered.

Discover more Gelish products at Gelish.com.

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