You’ve got to run (or cycle) to keep up with Jeff Pink, founder of Orly. We wanted to get to know this industry pioneer better, so we caught up with him on Sunset Boulevard. Here are a few of his insights on Orly’s 40 years in business and his special relationship with the City of Angels.

The meaning of Orly: It’s my wife’s first name. It means “my light” in Hebrew.

Proudest moment: When the French manicure took off. It took five years, in those days before social media.

Who plays Jeff Pink in the Orly movie: Someone strong and family-minded; Harrison Ford comes to mind.

Orly, the next 40 years: Like it is today — on the cutting edge of innovation and technology

Why you love L.A.: I love its amazing energy. The cultural mix of people, the art scene, and of course the weather.

Best business advice: Listen to what the customers want. Nail techs told me early on they wanted something to strengthen nails, and something to make nails smooth. That was the basis for my first successful products, Romeo and Ridgefiller.

What is one thing people would be shocked to learn about you? How much I love people and how I cherish relationships. In order to run a company like Orly, when I’m in the office I’m all business. But I always have time for my team. I make it a point to sit down and meet with them. I want to know them personally. I am pleased to help them overcome any challenges they may be facing.

Number of miles cycled per week: 30

The career you thought you’d have: CPA (Way too boring)

Favorite L.A. hangout: the beach


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