I started designing my new nail table about six months before I had it built. I used to use a sofa table I found at a local furniture store because it was narrow enough so the distance between my clients and me would be short. It was perfect and cute, but with all the nail art supplies I use on one set, I was running out of room. I needed something bigger, but I didn’t need a table with a vent system because I had already made a homemade vacuum system that worked great. Taking inspiration from nail desks that were on the market, I designed my own. I worked with a local cabinet-making company to design the top. Although they had no idea how imperative some features were to the design, they were awesome to work with and made a beautiful top for my new desk! The legs are Alex drawer systems from Ikea. I absolutely love my new nail desk. My clients love all the room it gives us, and I love all the room it gives me to have endless nail art supplies out for various nail designs. I’ve been using my desk now for just about a year, and some days, when the art supplies cover my desk, I wonder how I ever used anything smaller.

Talia Scherer, Sculpted Gel Nails by Talia, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

I just recently purchased a Kenmark nail table with dual side working stations and a ventilation system. Its color is green marble with silver hardware, and it has maximum storage space with locks and keys. I’ve owned two nail desks so far, and this will surely be my last. I love this nail station! It not only increases productivity, but it also expands my work area, allowing me to work on multiple projects.

Eva Jenkins, Extraordinary Nails by Eva, Bellevue, Neb.

My nail table is the Malm desk, purchased from Ikea. I’ve had it for about a year and I love it. It’s the perfect width space between me and my clients. It also has a removable glass top in case I want to place some nail pictures under there for inspiration. The chairs are also from Ikea.

Desreen Jarvis, Nails by Desreen, Brooklyn, N.Y.

I’ve had an inexpensive table from Ikea for two months. I believe I paid $20 for it. I own three and love them. I like that they can be stored out of sight when they aren’t in use.

Crystal Clark, Nail Yeah, Raleigh, N.C.

My manicure table is actually a desk with a smoky glass top. I have had it about three months, and I like it because it has a space below to hold my UV light and it’s big enough to leave my three-in-one fan on top and not look cluttered. I’m a sort of neat freak — I’m fortunate enough to have ample space to store all products away in closets. I just use a tray and go collect everything I need to do the nails with and bring it to the desk and start the job.

Denise Heavner, Bold and Beautiful Nails , Jefferson, Ohio

My nail table is an extension of me and my art. I’ve never liked the average nail table. I wanted a firm foundation to work on, so I went on a hunt for the perfect table. What I found was a desk made by Ashley to replicate an antique kidney desk. With a few modifications and a specially cut glass top, I found my gem and nail desk of 10 years. I love the curves and antique charm. I’m lucky to have found my perfect table; it makes all the difference in my nail business.

Veeah Chitwood, The Salon by Veeah’s World, St. James, Mo.

I found my nail desk at Big Lots. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was perfect. One of the problems that happens quite often is that my friends/clients show up with a dead cell phone or a phone on low battery. This desk features two USB ports for them to charge any device they have with them, as well as their phone. It’s convenient for me because I can work in peace while they stay busy on their phone. I’ve had it almost a year and I wouldn’t change it one bit. This desk was clearly made to cater to today’s generation. It truly is the ideal desk for me.

Linda Lopez, San Antonio, Texas

I had my desk built to my ergonomic needs, and had it made wider and slightly deeper than the standard so I can sit on a yoga ball for my chair. Also, I was able to customize the storage: I have five drawers and three shelves. The bottom drawers are deeper to hold bottles, and they are all lined with stainless steel for sanitation, comparable to hospital-grade drawers. Of course, I have always wanted to put my clients in a throne, so I designed the chair to the height of the table with a tall back to make them feel like royalty!

Terri Silacci, Nail Candy Lounge, Monterey, Calif.

We don’t have professional manicure tables. We couldn’t find any that looked exactly right with our casual, beachy decor. We use desks from Ikea with a bluish green sea glass-looking glass top and simple white legs. They cost $50 each and work great! The glass top is easy on polish spills, too. This headshot is of my daughter, who is also our manager, Lasette Oropez.

Pamela Reeder, Beachy Toes, Solana Beach, Calif.

For the past five years, I’ve used a vintage, wooden desk that was given to me by my mother. It’s the perfect size and comfortably fits all of my supplies. I was able to customize it to better fit my liking, and over time it has turned into the perfect manicure table for me.

Janel Lucas, Cleveland

I had my table custom made in 1998, and I had the laminate resurfaced in 2010 when I remodeled my salon. My table is a bit higher than conventional nail tables that are on the market, which I love because it allows me to sit comfortably all day. I use a saddle stool and my back and neck do not ache after an eight-plus-hour day. I had the table designed for use with an air purifying system. Using the vent really cuts down on the filing dust and eliminates the smell of acrylic liquids. The base of the air purifying system fits under the right side of my table. I love the amount of space my table has. I have all the items I use right next to me and still have plenty of room to work. The shelves hold my towels, UV light, LED light, and my e-file. I don’t have to take up tabletop space to store these items, but have everything easily accessible. The functionality of my table allows me to work easily and efficiently all day long.

Tina Heinl, A Perfect Ten, Eugene, Ore.

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