In what other profession do you have the power to affect people's self-esteem, work flexible hours and earn a professional income? Maybe the beauty industry is transient and maybe there are some practitioners leaving the field for greener pastures, but NAILS' readers say there's still a lot to love about doing nails.. We asked some of our readers what they enjoyed best about the nail business and here are their top 10 answers (in no particular order).

Client Satisfaction.

Most nail technicians value pleasing their customers above all else.

Says Debbie Fanning of Debbie's Nail Designs in Jupiter, Fla., “I really enjoy my profession because no matter how bad a day my clients are having, they leave my chair with a smile and a new attitude. Making my clients happy and changing their day from bad to good makes it all worth it.”

Shirlene Barchus of Forever Nails in Tempe, Ariz., says, ““I work long hours taking care of my clients, which is my most important goal. In the fast pace of life, I feel that I do a service for my clients that makes them feel good about themselves.”

And for Eva Olliff of Perfect Ten Nail Shop in Orange, Texas, “It is therapeutic for me to see clients so pleased about how they spent their time and money.”

Meeting New People

Whether it's new clients, coworkers, or other nail technicians at tradeshows, nail technicians relish the opportunity to meet and make new friends.

“I enjoy meeting other professionals who are eager to learn, share, and develop the nail business. I also enjoy the ongoing relationships I have with my clients,” says Sheri Greenig of We Du Nails in Seattle, Wash.

Says Nancy Hanson of Ocean Ranch Beauty Supply and Salon in Dana Point, Calif., “I think the main reason I'm still hanging in there is because m work is never dull—I'm meeting new and interesting people all the time.”

Financial Rewards

As a nail technician, we're told you get out of your job what you put into it. “If you are dedicated, the money will come,” says Barchus. Karen Heiskeu of Raymond's Hairstylist in Annapolis, Md., agrees: “Being a nail technician gives you the opportunity to earn what you want to.”

For Susan Frey of Fingers M' Toes in Hilo, Hawaii, having money on a day-to-day basis and not having to wait for a paycheck is a definite plus.

Flexible Schedule

How many clients you want to service in a given day is ultimately up to you. Says Greenig, “I enjoy scheduling full day sand evenings so when a couple of slow hours do come, I can tend to other business such as doctor appointments, the dentist, etc.” Greenig also likes the fact that she can increase her income by working more hours if she chooses.

“I love being my own boss,” says Frey, “because I can decide when I want to work.”

Challenging Work

NO matter how seasoned a nail technician you are, every day brings new challenges. Says Heather Hewett of Nails Unlimited in Bolingbrook, Ill., “I love challenges for me. I'm a firm believer that anything that is worthwhile is a challenge.”

Personal Satisfaction

For many people, job fulfillment is one of the most important reasons for sticking to their career. Says Olliff, “The personal rewards you receive from a job well done are wonderful. When a customer really appreciates your work, you know that no one but you has created that result.”

Lisa King of My Private Salon in Kodiak, Alaska, shares the same feeling: “At the end of the service, I can look down at my client's hands and say, 'I did that—wow, I really did that!”'


Continuing Education

Nail technicians have opportunity to learn more and more every day. “I think education is important and it keeps me on my toes,” says Donna Plante of Kurly Q in Castle Rock, Colo.


Quite simply, when it comes to nails, you can really exercise your artisitic ability and get your imagination run wild.

“you can transform hands into a work of art,” says Teresa Baham of Bridgette's Hair Care in Smyrna Tenn., who says her only “true talent” is doing nails.

Says Plante, “There are so many things you can create and do in his business.” Frey says she enjoys being creative and a perfectionist.

For Kathi Borror of Exquisite Design in Columbus, Ohio, the ability to create beautiful nails is rewarding. “I enjoy using my artistic skills,” she says.


Nail technicians who love the thrill of victory and can handle the agony of defeat say competing is one of the best extracurricular activities of doing nails. Says Heiskeu, “Competing allows you to meet other professionals and to lean new techniques or improve your own.”

Plante enjoys the fact that there are so many different nail competitions to “try your hand at.”

Just Doing Nails

The bottom line for most professionals is that they simple love doing nails.

“I love it! I love art! I love to make people happy!” says Baham.

“There is nothing better than doing something you love and making money at it,” says Jacqueline Alberti of Jacqueline's Nail Salon in S. Petersburg, Fla.

And Barchus, who's had a few other careers in her lifetime, says she doesn't know when she's ever been happier about what she odes for a living.

Naomi Levine-Marinaro of Nails by Naomi in Watertown, Conn., says it best: “If you enjoy the line of work you're in and you can persevere through the daily events, you'll be rewarded in the end!”

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