Is your salon ready for Christmas in October?

Yes, we know, it’s not even Halloween yet--but we come bearing a festive public service announcement. If you want to make sure your salon is the first to grab those Christmas bookings when the ladies in your area need a curly blowdry for their office Christmas party; their nails done for ripping open gifts; or to bat their freshly-filled lashes under-the-mistletoe, then you better start sending out your Christmas marketing emails and SMS now!

According to appointment booking data Phorest Salon Software compiled from more than 6,000 hair, spa, beauty and aesthetic salons, the climb to the holiday madness begins by the end of the third week of October, and they've pinpointed Thursday, October 17, is the date the American public begins to think about their holiday hair and beauty appointments.

By the first week of November, salon appointment bookings are double the average number of  weekly bookings taken - jumping from 6.96 to 13.8 appointments made for the Christmas season. And once the end of November hits, after a dip around Thanksgiving, that number triples.


Ronan Perceval, CEO of Phorest Salon Software, says, “If you want to be the first to secure those Christmas party bookings, you should certainly be sending out your Christmas marketing and promoting your open bookings before December hits, when the number of bookings made at US salons shoot up to 15 times the average rate! Phorest data also shows that by around December 22, bookings taken by salons drop off dramatically as salon books fill up for the festive season - from Christmas right through to New Year.”

About Phorest: Phorest is a cloud-based salon software, however it is not just a tool to manage appointments. It is a powerful system designed to assist with day-to-day business driving new business and generating referrals. Phorest is the software of choice for over 6,000 salons globally. For more information, visit https://www.phorest.com/us/

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Originally posted on Salon Today