At-Home Care Kits Are The New Big Thing
At-Home Care Kits Are The New Big Thing
At-Home Care Kits Are The New Big Thing
At-Home Care Kits Are The New Big Thing

First came the removal videos with nail techs showing clients how to remove or cut down coated nails while in isolation. Now many nail professionals are offering home care kits as well. The boom for at-home nail care is thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak and many techs are using these kits as ways to adjust. Home care kits keep clients from removing nails in a way that will damage their nail bed. When they do return to the salon, the effects of proper at-home care will also help nail professionals get clients right back into their routine. These kits also show clients just how much their nail professional cares for them and reenforces the strong relationship many already have. 

Patty Heintz in Overland Park, Kan., says, "I had to do something to earn some income and my clients needed something to get them by until I see them again -- they were starting to get concerned about what to do with their long nails." After she made an at-home removal video, several of her clients asked about the specifics she mentioned, such as the file she used. "I went to my nail studio and grabbed buffers, files, cuticle oil, lip balm, anything that I could put in a kit that my clients could to use. I started assembling kits and messaging my clients. In a matter of four hours I sold SO many I was literally in tears and needed to make more kits. I also included a $10 e-gift certificate and free Nail Art (level 1) for their next visit," says Heintz. She also posted images of the kit to her Instagram stories to further spread the word.

Below is the message she sent to her clients and the offerings she included:

I’ve decided that drive-through manicure might be worth trying! Please call, text or email me if you would like a kit. It will help to keep me busy during this time and my family would so appreciate it! This will help all of us to get by until I see you again. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart and thank you SO much for your support! ❤️

Mani Kit $45

Includes: Dadi oil, files, buffer, $10 gift ecard for next visit, FREE level 1 nail art next visit 

Soak off Mani Kit $45

Includes: Dadi Oil, mini file and buffer, soak-off wraps, acetone, hand lotion (travel size), Orangewood stick, $10 gift ecard for next visit, FREE Level 1 nail art for next visit 

Pedicure kit $45

Includes: Soak, exfoliating scrub/mask, lotion, Dadi Oil, file & buffer, heel pumice, toe separators, cotton pad, Pedi liner, $10 gift ecard for next visit, FREE level 1 nail art next visit 

In keeping with social distancing I will have your orders ready for pick up. APPLE PAY and  PayPal are recommended. Let me know which kit(s) you are interested and I’ll have it ready for pick up. 

Check out my FACEBOOK & IG page for the VIDEO 🎥 posted about AT HOME NAIL CARE❤️

Lavette Cephus also is creating kits along with instructions for acrylic and hard gel removal since many of her clients wear extensions. You can see her video, kit, and messaging below:


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