Hey you! Ya YOU....over there picking off your gel polish because COVID-19 stole your nail appointment away. STOP IT! Do not pick off your gel polish manicure. We will know if you do. Thinning nails, white spots, redness/irritation are all things you should not have. I created this video to help you through these times. Please, if you need advice, client or not, contact anyone from our salon. We will help you as much as possible to keep your nails healthy through this mandated shutdown. www.dananailjunkie.com If you do not have the supplies for removal, please just let your nails grow out. You should trim and file the length down. Acrylic Clients: You can use this same set of supplies for removal of your acrylic nails. It will take quite a bit longer to soak acrylic nails off. Please be sure to file most of the Polish/art off of the acrylic then wrap and soak. You’ll need to remove, and re-wrap two or three times to be safe. If your nails aren’t lifted, then there is no need to soak off. Just reduce your length using a file only. Do not clip. It will create stress fractures in the acrylic. DO NOT EVER glue your nails back on. Firstly, you can/will trap bacteria and moisture under the nail when doing so. Secondly, any nail/super glue is harder to soak off. Stay healthy, and hopefully we’ll see you soon! ✌🏼🖤💅🏼, Dana Cecil dana@dananailjunkie.com #covidquarantine #diy #gelpolishremoval #coronavirus #nails #dananailjunkieandcompany #dananailjunkie #stayhealthy #newphiladelphiaohio #downtownnewphila #smallbusiness #coronastolemyjob

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Dana Cecil may have temporarily closed her salon, Nail Junkie, due to COVID-19, but she is still helping her clients while social distancing. Cecil took to Instagram to show her clients how to soak-off nail coatings, so as not to pick them off, thus preserving the health of their nails. 

You may want to consider similar messaging to your clients to give them healthy alternatives between appointments. Consider your whole clientele (natural nails and extensions) and send notes for each client type. This type of messaging is what keeps you top of mind as the trusted beauty professional your clients look to for help. 

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