With the many different lines Akzéntz carries and produces, it comes to mind that each line carries its own uniqueness — as does every decade. To showcase a singular decade, with its own palette of colors and pop culture references, competitors were asked to recreate their favorite decade on 10 nail tips.

Tips had to remain individual and graduated in size (as if fitting from finger to finger). The design was required to incorporate 3-D gel art on at least six nails; no acrylic was allowed. Gel-polish and acrylic paints were allowed, but not lacquer. Embellishments were also acceptable, but could not make up more than 10% of the design. Our Top 8 were allowed to use unconventional items in their looks as well. We asked them to take step-by-step photos and upload them to Nail Art Gallery.

Week 5’s challenge winner will receive a prize pack including numerous colors, files, and Akzéntz gel products. (Value: $500)

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