Artistic recently launched Artistic Life (see it here). Within this publication they regularly include nail art to put forth imaginative new ideas in a lifestyle mini magazine.

For this challenge, we asked our Top 7 to show us what it really means to be an artist. They were allowed to use any mediums to create a masterpiece on five nail tips that would fit right within the pages of this new publication. The finished look should show us what being an artist means to them and should demonstrate their creative ability. Because this look is all about the artistic process, we asked to see a 5-7 minute video diary detailing that process.

Week 6’s winner will receive an LED PRO 36 light, Holiday Mixed Display, Artistic Pro Starter Kit, Rock Hard Rockin’ French kit, and an Artistic tote bag (approximate value $500). The winner of this challenge will also get the opportunity to have their work featured in Artistic Life!

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