With 3 stages and nearly 18 hours of content, Sola Reconnected brought together connection-hungry beauty professional to learn from some of the best educators in the industry. This virtual event was live, all day, on May 17, with presenters and attendees streaming in from around the country.

One of these industry experts was Jamie Wiley, Global Artistic Director of Pureology, who spoke on building a brand through social media; using it as a way to recruit new clients, promote your business and engage your existing audience. 

The course reminded stylists that social media is a visual medium.  Wiley offered suggestions for capturing content, plus how to engage with your dream clients. We highlighted some of the key takeaways from Wiley's presentation:

How to Coach Your Clients to Take Hair Pictures

1.  To shoot the back of the hair, have clients look up so you get that shine line on the round of the head.

2. Body position: Have them put their arms in front of their body, which focuses things on the hair.

3.  Side shot: Have them tip over at the side, like a teapot, and then pull the hair over the shoulder.  That eliminates that shoulder that was in the way.

4. Front shot: Have them lean forward and have gravity work for you. Push all the hair forward. And maybe have them look down and you can shoot from below a bit.

iPhone Photo Tricks

"If I don’t have natural light, I can click on my phone and the little ‘sun’ pops up on the side and I can actually swipe up to brighten and swipe down to darken." 

"If I want to go to Portrait, I can snap this photo, get a great photo and then go into it to edit.  At the top left, there is a button (4.5) I can add more S stop or I can take it away."

"I like to utilize the grid on your phone so you can lineup your photos at all times, and really know where your point of focus in your grid."

Attracting Your Ideal Clientele

Wiley says to figure this out, you first want to sit down and think about your favorite client--who are they, what do you like about them and what do the two of you have in common?  Then, do some strategic snooping.  

"On their IG page, go to their Friends list and you’re going to start engaging on their Friend’s pages," Wiley instructs. "It’s like doing a social media handshake or handing out your business card on social media. You’ll start liking and commenting on your client’s Friends list.  And those friends will start to ask, 'Who is this?'  Be very genuine and real, but it will prompt them to start recognizing you—‘Wait, that is my best friend’s hairdresser.’  Then they are going to creep on our bio –where you have a call-to-action—and they are going to start messaging you."  

The Power of the DM

Wiley also talked about using direct messages, strategically.  If you want to attract a certain clientele, then you have been doing your research and you have identified some potential clients.  And you know it would be a win-win situation if they were to sit in your chair. She suggestes reaching out to them via a direct message and she even provided a script...

 “Hi, my name is ___ and I am a hairstylist at ___and I came across your page and I would love to have you as a guest.  I offer a ____gift for a first time client (Wiley reminds us to always say 'gift') and here is my link to book online or you can message me back.  I look forward to hearing from you.”

How to Create a Well-Rounded Instagram Page

Wiley did the math for us, dividing up the content that should be featured on an Instagram page:

  • 40% of the page is the hair you do
  • 10% of the page is products
  • 25% of the page is you doing the hair
  • 25% is your lifestyle
    • “Do you have kids, a cat, a dog, do you hike, do you boat?  Share your life with your community.  Have you noticed that after you post a selfie, engagement rockets?  Be authentically you.  All those things make up a well-rounded page."

Remember, Wiley says, "People buy people and then they buy things."

Want more of this virtual learning? On-demand tickets to Sola Reconnected are still available here.  

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Originally posted on Modern Salon