Instead of going for something that is bound to fail, try to develop thought patterns that help...

Instead of going for something that is bound to fail, try to develop thought patterns that help you be healthy all the time, according to Beth Linder-Moss.

Photo: Beth Linder-Moss

Best-selling author, Instagram, and Tik Tok influencer Beth Linder-Moss has advice for her podcast listeners before making those ‘likely to fail’ New Year’s Resolutions.

Rethink Resolutions

Rather than think about resolutions, resets, reboots, or restarts Beth suggests individuals change their thoughts about food consumption a little at a time. This advice comes as nearly 80% of people surveyed admitted to abandoning their New Year’s resolutions by February, this according  to Forbes. Knowledge of this high failure rate is a clue that a new and different approach to a better year is in need.

Resolve to Think Differently

Beth believes the concept of adopting a healthy lifestyle starts with developing the right mindset. “You need to align your thoughts in the right direction a little at a time,” Beth said. “Try to do one thing differently each day and gradually the progress you desire will come.”

Beth gave some examples of small but important ways for progress to listeners.  “Add an additional serving of vegetables to your plate, or park further away from your workplace to get in some extra steps.” Of course, this is not easy as thoughts and habits from a lifetime are well ingrained and will not simply disappear. “There is no magic bullet,” Beth told listeners.

Take Baby Steps

Beth recommends small, incremental changes or ‘baby steps’ on a consistent basis. “Making big changes all at once and expecting to change behavior like this may work for some, but not most,” she said. “Only you can make these changes, and it will only work when you make the changes for yourself and not for anyone else!”

Remember Who This is For

Everyone working to make healthy changes to their lifestyle will face shortfalls, setbacks, and failures. Beth suggests another ‘thought’ for these times. “If you start to get off track, remind yourself why you started this health journey,” she said. “Sometimes life throws us curveballs, so when this happens remind yourself why you started this health journey.

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