Blueprint of a First Year

My Vision

by NAILS Magazine | December 14, 2006

My hopes are that Rob|b will be a market-leading salon. I took my inspiration from the “big hair-guys” and the fantastic designs of Las Vegas salons.


 The salon, which will be about 2,600 square feet when we’re done, will have a nail bar, four treatment rooms, six manicure stations, four pedicure stations, a retail area, and a reception area on the main floor. The nail bar will be reserved for walk-ins (broken nails, polish changes, etc.). The treatment rooms will be for services like waxing, facials, and massage. As for the pedicure stations, I want three feet of separation between each. I know you might not agree with me, but I’m not having any “throne-style” pedi-spas in my salon. I’m just going to have beautiful basins with spigots. I don’t think pedi-spas are very sanitary. But, that’s just me.


The second floor of the salon will house offices, treatment rooms, and a storage area. The roof is being converted into a patio for employee breaks and potentially for parties.


 I’ve decided on our service menu. Manicures will range from $30 to $65, and we’ll have three levels of service: a basic manicure, a mid-level manicure that’s spa-style, and a high-level, which will include extras like a hot stone massage. Rob|b will use OPI products from top-to-bottom — every nail product the company makes, from nippers to polish. OPI will also do product testing here on Mondays.


We’ll also use autoclaves for implement disinfection. I know that’s above and beyond what’s required, but I think it’ll give clients a feeling of security.


Retail will be huge in the salon, another way I want to set an example for the industry. I think services should be covering your overhead, but your profits should come from retail.

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