Blueprint of a First Year

Momentum Builds

by NAILS Magazine | March 9, 2007

We submitted our construction plans to the city. I’m so relieved because this means in about two months the salon will have its required permits. (Who knew this would all take so long? I’m so glad we’re moving forward.) It looks like our construction groundbreaking will be in May (when we’ll be able to add the second floor and do all of our other improvements.The salon should open in September (or very close to it).

I’ve got a big meeting toward the end of the month to finalize everything design-wise, like what the retail area will look like and the final furnishing choices. It finally feels like we’re approaching a real salon opening, because I’m deciding on every little detail. Richard Best, the architect, is working on a few concepts for what the storefront will look like. Our first impression — wow.

I’ve given more thought to my vision for Rob|b. Eventually, I want my salon to be a one-stop shop for both nails and skin (I don’t see us ever adding hair). I feel like the more types of services we have to offer, the longer we’ll be keeping clients in the salon, and the more money there is to be made.

For skincare offerings, I want to offer our clients the option of two product lines; one will be a standard skincare line and the other will be an organic line. This way we’ll diversify our service offerings. In skincare, I think there’s a real market for people who want fewer chemicals in their products.

Of course, our primary focus is still to get our nail services menu fully established first. But, with the extra rooms on our second floor, the possibilities are endless — eyelash extensions, waxing, facials, who knows?

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