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Q & A: Manicure Stations

by NAILS Magazine | March 13, 2007

Is there a wall between every manicure table? If so, how tall are they? This will be interesting because it’s like having a private service. Some clients don’t like to be seen by others but the odors concentrate more in the area.

Ellen Marie


Hi Ellen Marie,


Thanks for your great question. Yes, there will be a floating wall between each manicure table and the next; each wall will be about 5 or 6 feet tall. This will definitely give a sense of privacy, but we’ve chosen walls that don’t completely seal off of the space. They actually have sliding panels that can be moved, so a client can see the person seated next to them if they want to.


Each station has its own ventilation, sucking out any odors. We actually spent a lot of time designing what we think is a very thorough ventilation system. I’m hoping odor won’t be an issue because of the precautions and measures we’re taking.






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