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Q & A: Nail Bar

by NAILS Magazine | April 10, 2007

I’ve never heard of a nail bar before. It’s a nice idea; is it a free service?



Hi Cecilia,


The nail bar isn’t a free service, but it is an easy way for a customer to have their first exposure to Rob|b. Nail bar prices (for services like a mini-manicure or fixing a cracked nail) range from about $15 to $18. An approximate price list (we might still tweak these before opening) is pasted below.



Since the nail bar will be visible from the street, I think it’ll be a great way for us to pull in new customers. It’ll also be a great place for us to retail product. The beauty of the nail bar is you’re getting a new customer off the street, you have their full attention, they’re paying for a mini-service, and you have the opportunity to tell them about other services and about products.






Rob|b Approximate Price List:


Nail Bar Mini Service - $18

Rob|b Essential Manicure - $30

OPI Spa Manicure - $45

Rob|b Ultimate Manicure - $70

Rob|b Essential Pedicure - $40

OPI Spa Pedicure - $55

Rob|b Ultimate Spa Pedicure - $70

Nail Enhancement Services - $55 - $75 

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