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Q & A: Nail Art

by NAILS Magazine | June 12, 2007

Is your salon going to offer freehand painted nail art?

Ellen Marie


Hi Ellen Marie,


Even though I have my nail tech license, I personally was never very good at handpainted nail art. (I think it takes coordination I just don’t have — I’m much better with nail decals.) But it’d be great if the salon could hire someone who has handpainting skills; then, I’d certainly be open to having the service added to the salon menu.


I’m also considering bringing a guest artist into the salon every once in a while. OPI is affiliated with several top nail artists, like its “A-Team” members (the nail art shown is airbrush art from the A-Team’s Joseph Pham), several of whom have been asking me if they can come into ROB|B and do nails. This sounds like it could be great for the salon.





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