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Q & A: Service Menu

by NAILS Magazine | June 28, 2007

What’s your opinion on service menus, when there’s a choice between a wide list of offered services versus a minimum list of offered services? Do you think it benefits the general public to offer many different kinds of services or does it just confuse them?



Hi Rebecca,


I think if there’s a market in your area for a wide variety of services and your technicians have the ability to perform the services, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t expand your service menu. The way I see it is the more services you offer, the more money you can make.


Being an OPI concept salon, ROB|B is somewhat obligated to offer a wide variety of services (one of our goals is to make the public aware of OPI’s different product lines), so we’ll be offering everything from natural nail care to gels, wraps, and acrylics. Ultimately, I think it all depends on the specialties of your technicians and on where you’re salon is located. For example, if you’re in an area where natural nail care is dominant, then maybe you base your service menu completely around that. But in general, I think a large service menu is the way to go.





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