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Q & A: Ventilation System

by NAILS Magazine | July 26, 2007

What kind of venting system are you using? Are they right over each station or throughout the nail salon? Do you have any preference for these systems?



Hi Rebecca,


The ventilation systems aren’t at each nail station; we’re using a central-air, multi-zone system. Basically, air will be pushed down toward the center of the space, then move toward the sides where the exhaust fans will catch it. The entire air volume will be continually replaced throughout the day.


As far as my preferences go, since my goal is to have a green salon, the contractor has picked a system with a very high efficiency rating. Unfortunately, I don’t know what the brand name of it is right now; the contractor mentioned that it’s not a salon-specific ventilation company, it’s an A/C company that does commercial systems. I trust that it’ll do a great job of getting rid of salon odors and dust.





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