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America’s Beauty Show

by NAILS Magazine | March 20, 2008

I had a great time at America’s Beauty Show (formerly the Chicago Midwest Beauty Show) earlier this month. For the first time, the show took place in McCormick Place, a gigantic convention center in the heart of Chicago (in previous years, it had been held in the suburb of Rosemont, Ill.). Here are some of my pictures and notes from the show.


Attendees came from every state in the U.S., every Canadian province, and more than 50 countries.


Light Elegance’s Gel Paint lets you create “acrylic-type nail art designs” with gels, says Jim McConnell, president of the company. The nail art design he’s holding in his hands was created with this new product.


Marketing assistant Lisa Miller demonstrates European Touch’s new sound options for its pedicure thrones. The sound system can be hidden in a throne’s pillows, in speakers in the back, or via an MP3 port.


Entity educator Tracey Sturdivant demos the company’s NanoVive system on me. She also told me about NanoBooster, a product that can be mixed into your favorite lotion to add nanotechnology properties to it.


It was a full house at the Salon Sustainability Summit, which took place the first day of the show. Mary Beth Jansen, a licensed cosmetologist and contributing editor to Organic Spa, started a panel discussion by demonstrating “sustainability of self” techniques, like this breathing exercise she’s showing the class.


With his classic enthusiasm, Young Nails’ Greg Salo does a demo on Myra Green.


OPI educator Lynn Ackerson does a gel demo on Kay Bostwick.


From left to right: Tonya Skwierczynski, Danette Whyte, Joyce Kosin, and Ellen Ambrecht man the Essie booth.


An assortment of Depileve’s waxes were on display at the show.


NailTek’s Crystal Files are made with real Swarovski crystals — a very chic retail item for your salon.


This fashionable pedicure chair from Belvedere is a new prototype of its “Mirage” chair. The textured fabric and contrast stitching make it a stylish choice.


The International Nail Technicians Association (INTA) hosted a day of nail tech education. Here, CND educator Roxanne Valinoti teaches “From French to Advanced Enhancements.”


OPI CEO George Schaeffer offered his insights in The View From the Top, CEO Panel 2008. Other CEOs on the panel included Reubel Carranza (P&G Professional Care), Jon Paul DeJoria (John Paul Mitchell Systems), Sara Jones (Jaico), Lydia Sarfati (Repêchage), Karen Wilken-Donachie (Pivot Point International).

President of VB Cosmetics, Dr. Vivian Valenty does a demo in her company’s booth.


Continuum Footspas’ vice president and CEO Joyn Meyerovich (left) and Joe Galati, president and CEO, pose with their new creation, the beautiful Maestro pedicure spa.


Backscratchers Salon Systems had some of its popular products on display, including Glass Glaze, Accelawrap, SeptiFiles, and SeptiBlocks.


Long known for creating eco-friendly salon products, Sparitual was touting its “Aware” campaign at the show. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these polishes goes to the Go Green Initiative, which fosters environmental responsibility on school campuses.


From left to right: Vickie Maher, Mylinh Zagorsky, and Sara Stinchombe-Bryson enjoyed working the Poshé booth.


LCN’s Kurt Malec holds up a container of the company’s new glitter gel, which is part of a new color gel line that’s coming out in April. Also in April, look for “Ultima Acrylics” by LCN, the company’s first-ever acrylic line.


Bio Sculpture Gel president Elsie Visser shows off her company’s newest colors.


Forever French Nail Systems co-owners Kerry Webber (left) and Kellie Dow promoted the company’s acrylics and gels during the show.



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