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Blending Old and New

by NAILS Magazine | June 9, 2008

While we were in Orlando last weekend for the Premiere show, NAILS publisher Cyndy Drummey and I went to visit a salon in Winter Park, Fla. It was called Bonjour Day Spa & Nail Salon. It’s been open (and in the same location) for 17 years! Now that’s something we don’t hear every day. Owner Kim Le opened as a nails-only salon in the historic building, originally occupying only the two front rooms. As her business grew, she began taking over more rooms on the top floor of the 127-year-old building on Winter Park’s historic Park Avenue. The salon is now 2,200 square feet with several manicure and pedicure rooms, several massage and facial rooms, a nice reception area and an office for Le, who now focuses on running the salon and doing skin care on a select few clients. She no longer does nails, but she has a full team of nail techs who were happy to offer us services. My tech, Van Nguyen, worked at the salon 15 years ago before moving out of the area. But when she moved back eight months ago, she came right back to Bonjour.


The salon was homey and quaint, with amazing art on the walls in every room. Le knew about every piece — many were local artists and some were clients. But what really attracted me to this salon in the first place was the video tour Le’s son made for her. You wouldn’t expect a salon that has been open for almost two decades to be on the cutting edge with Internet marketing, but when I searched for Orlando nail salons on Google, sure enough, it popped up. The salon made the local NBC affiliate’s A-List for Best Manicure and Pedicure last year, and it has the video on its website. I thought the video was a great way to attract new clients. It allowed me to see the salon and hear a little bit about the services it offers.


Do any of you have a video tour of your salon on your website? If you do, we’d love to put it on NAILStv.


— Hannah
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