Blueprint of a First Year

Powering On

by NAILS Magazine | September 10, 2008

I’m thrilled to say we finally have power. Everything is working, from the air conditioning to the computers to the TVs. Tomorrow, the Salon STX representative will be at the salon get the software network working.


The new issue is that we have to add more sprinklers, including, apparently, in the shower. (I know — it didn’t make sense to me either.) We had to take down a larger awning on the second floor in order to fit in more sprinklers. It’s been so difficult to meet all of the city’s requirements.


On the upside, Murad skin care training happened this week. And today, we had a reflexology class for all of the nail techs and estheticians, so we’ll be able to offer that service.


The elevator inspector can’t come until September 19 at the earliest, but I guess that’s a good thing because the circuit board blew out on the elevator, so we need to get that fixed first. The fire and sprinkler inspector will be at the salon this week; after we pass those inspections, we’ll be able to get gas and hot water.

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