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What Nails Do Techs Wear to Their Own Weddings?

by NAILS Magazine | October 17, 2008

I’m sure most of you could testify to what a huge business brides and bridal parties are to your business. After all, weddings are a huge deal, and (speaking strictly as a bridesmaid here) the perfect set of nails are a must.


So, I thought it was really cool when Denise Anderson of Attitudes Salon in Salem, Ore., emailed me a photo of a set of nails she did on Marie Davis, who’s also a nail tech. Marie married Shaun Davis in February 2008 and wore the amazing nails shows above. “I was trying to match the theme of her wedding, which was ‘rocker.’ [She] wore a black leather dress and fishnets and their wedding pics were taken on his Harley. It was a fun wedding!,” Denise says. The nails were done using black acrylic (from CND) with a bit of holographic silver glitter (from Young Nails) and silver holographic parallelograms (from Princess Nail).


What sort of amazing nails did you wear to your own wedding? (Or, if you’re like me, when you were a bridesmaid in someone else’s wedding?) Leave me a comment in the Feedback section describing them. If you’d like to send in a picture, just e-mail it to I’d love to take a look.



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