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Cultivating Nail Art

by NAILS Magazine | January 29, 2010

Yesterday I attended the Artistic Nail Design Global Artist Forum in Anaheim, Calif., just outside of Disneyland. In a ballroom at the Hyatt Regency, about 30 nail techs from across the country and 15 different countries sat and watched as world-renowned nail artist Elena Maltseva showed how to make stunning and crisp nail art designs.


“The focus is on education, and getting nail techs to see that they can do wonderful nail art on their own and in the salon, and also get clients to pay for it,” said Gari-Dawn Tingler of Artistic Nail Design. The forum is put on by Artistic Nail Design, a company that specializes in nail art-related products, like striper tape, Mylar, rhinestones, precision brushes, and tools like tongs, C-curve sticks, and dotting tools.


There was a booth where nail techs could purchase Artistic Nail Design products if they wanted, but the focus was really on getting techs to expand their creativity and up the level of nail art designs they have been doing.


“The instruction is not product specific,” said Tingler, “It’s important for us to have educators from all different manufacturers and have them teach their methods on using gels, acrylics, or polish, but focusing on the nail art and design first and foremost.”


Maltseva came all the way from St. Petersburg, Russia, accompanied by her interpreter Stanislav Diev.


“I graduated from art school in Russia, and first started out doing interior design, illustrating books, and even airbrushing art onto motorcycles,” said Maltseva. “But in 2000, I switched to nail design and I’ve been focusing on it ever since.”


“I love to do miniature things, so nail art is perfect for me, and I love it because you are designing art on a living, breathing canvas. The nail is attached to a person, and I use little cues such as what the client is wearing, how her hair is designed, the color of her skin, and even the colors of the surrounding environment, to make a shape and nail art design just for her.”


Attendee Jennifer Holt, of Kansas City, Mo., says she loves to come to the Artistic Nail Design forums because of the opportunity to learn from nail techs and other educators who come from all over the world. Holt even teaches some smaller Artistic Nail Design forums back home in Kansas City.


Elena Maltseva instructs the class on one of her flower designs. Stanislav Diev acted as translator while the large projector showed the attendees detailed close ups of the work.


Danny Haile of Hand and Nail Harmony taught the nail techs how to make a pink flower design in acrylic.


Russian artist Elena Maltseva with Danny Haile.


From left to right, attendee Jennifer Holt of Kansas City, Mo., Gari-Dawn Tingler of Artistic Nail Design, and Stanislav Diev of St. Petersburg, Russia.


The booth at the forum where attendees could purchase Artistic Nail Design products.


— Tim

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