Maggie Rants [and Raves]

Lynn Calls It "Expo Hangover"

by Maggie Franklin | February 3, 2010

You know Lynn's got a blog here too now, right?


I'm back from ISSE Long Beach, where I got my feet wet for the 2010 competition season — only to pretty much have my @$$ handed to me along with a note that says, "Yeah right, but thanks for playing anyway."


OK, OK ... no one's that harsh about it but, yee-gads, is that ever how I feel!


The BF was a huge hit. We met up with several of the Internet gang at Bubba Gumps for dinner and even though a lot of people actually know the BF's name, they all want to call him "the BF." I'm going to get him a shirt that says, "I'm the BF" to wear at shows from now on. I don't think it hurt his feelings at all to be so popular with the ladies, so if you ever see him wandering around a show looking lost, feel free to say hi.


We only spent one night in Long Beach. My model came through for me — even though she actually had her cell phone on the table during the competition. OMG! I about died when I noticed that. Seriously, we're like 15 minutes into the competition and her phone goes off because she got a picture message. That's when I noticed she had her phone out and sitting next to her on the table. I laughed, but I also gave her a lecture. At least I set a good example for Lynn's model (who has been Lynn's model for how many competitions now?) when her phone started ringing! OK, OK, Lynn's models probably know better than to answer their phones. But still. I like to take credit wherever I can.


I will say, for the record, that I knew before I got there that my hand-painted nail art entry was several steps below what I know I'm capable of. Nevertheless, when I turned it in and saw the other entries, it was all I could do to suck it up and lay it on the table instead of tucking it inside my jacket and making a run for the door before anyone could see it. *sigh* I'm already working on my entries for Vegas.


(BTW, I came home and had an epiphany about nail forms. Does anyone know where I can go to have my own forms made?)


The BF and I redesigned the entire concept of nail competitions and exhibits on our drive back home from the show last night. Now all I need is several million dollars.


Then I forgot to bring my laptop back to the salon today. Then I locked myself out of the salon today during the only break I had, in which I'd intended to run home to get the laptop.


Fortunately, the property management company's office is only two blocks from the salon, and I had to go pay the rent anyway. So I was able to get the door opened in a timely manner, but never got to go home to get the laptop.


Now I'm home from my first day back at work after the tradeshow. Neither the BF nor I took any time off for the show, but we both agree, we sure feel like we've been away from home and jobs for several days!


Lynn calls it "expo hangover" and I couldn't agree more. Just when I get back into my routine, it'll be time to go to another show. 


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