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Q & A: Hair Shampooing & Styling

by NAILS Magazine | March 12, 2010

I was told at work that just styling a client’s hair without shampooing it is against all salon policies. Is this a true statement? I would love to know. Thanks.



Hi Charissa,


Every state has different laws and every salon has different policies, so I can’t speak to what your salon’s or state’s policies might be. However, based on my experience (I am licensed in hair, in addition to nails), that statement doesn’t hold true. When doing updos for one-time events like weddings and proms, it’s common practice to ask the client to have her hair washed and dried before she comes in. On the flip side, some clients come in for a weekly style and frequently those clients don’t wash their own hair, instead they rely on the stylist to wash, dry, and style them every week. Hope that helps! 


—Marie, All Polished Up!, Dallas, Ore.

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