Blueprint of a First Year

Sign of Progress

by NAILS Magazine | October 4, 2010

On my way out of the salon last week, I looked up and there it was: the Upscale Nail Bar & Boutique name on the sign in the shopping center. We have been waiting for a few weeks to get it up. It is exciting to see some progress. The sign being up has started a buzz in the area about the opening of a new salon.

Since my last post I have completed and submitted paperwork for the licensing requirements. The to-do list has continued to grow as it is getting closer to the date I have tentatively scheduled to open. It seems as if I mark something off and add something at the same time. At this point my focus is on the marketing plan. The plan so far is to share the marketing between social media, local marketing, and salon events to get new customers. This planning process is still very exciting. My current challenge is the options for pedicure services. I am a fan of the portable foot bath option. The challenge is sorting through the many great options that are available. In the next week I plan to weigh the pros and cons and see if that will help narrow down the list. I want it ordered and shipped soon, so I need to get to work on my final decision. 


—Alica, Upscale Nail Bar & Boutique, Griffin, Ga.

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