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Week 8: Celebrating My Birthday and My Hard Work

by NAILS Magazine | December 14, 2010

I have officially pre-applied to take my state boards. One can only hope that despite how slow the Board of Cosmetology has been at getting dates back to students, I will end up with a date in late January or the first week of February. I am so ready to be taking the exam and to be working full time again. It would be pretty awesome to get my letter from the board before Christmas, but I will undoubtedly be getting it around New Year’s.


This week was fun. I had a few friends come in for pedicures and I got to do a full set of acrylics, which I hadn’t done in a couple of weeks. It was probably one of the best sets I had done yet. They weren’t thick and I was able to really buff them smooth. After I finished painting them red, my client wanted to have some fun holiday art work done on them and I was very happy to oblige!


Angela’s holiday nails


I had my 240-hour assessment this week as well. I have a cumulative grade 99.65%. I am very happy with that. This week we talked about basic chemistry and the chemistry of nail products in theory. I scored lower on the test then I had hoped, I got a 90%, but it will just prompt me to study harder next week. One of the girls in class told me that I was an over-achiever because I also managed to finish my workbook and test book this week. It is really because I budget my time well so I don’t have to do too much after I get home from school and work. I was rudely told that it was because I don’t have kids that I have so much time on my hands to get all my work done. Sorry sweetheart, but my work is done when I don’t have anything else to do when I am at school because when I am home I want to be with my husband and taking care of my house. Some people can’t stand that others are well motivated.


My birthday nails


I also managed to celebrate my 30th birthday this week. I gave myself a pretty 30th birthday manicure to go along with it. The girls at school decorated my station and ordered a pizza for lunch. It was nice to be able to celebrate it with the people I spend a good part of my week with. I ended up celebrating my birthday for three nights. My actual birthday night was spent with my husband and my parents; the next night was a surprise dinner with family and friends at an amazing Italian place in downtown Sacramento. Saturday night was a great evening watching my best friend’s daughter’s Christmas dance recital followed by New York-style pizza at Giovani’s, then my husband and I scooted across town to go bowling at midnight with some other friends.


My station at school on my birthday


It was really a great week. I am so overjoyed that I have had such a wonderful year filled with so many opportunities. I am sad that it is almost over but the fact that new doors are just waiting for me to open them is really exciting. I am glad that I am able to surround myself with the love and support of those around me as I start my newest business venture this coming year.


— Karyn


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