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Week 10: Still Busy and Still Waiting for My Test Date

by NAILS Magazine | December 28, 2010

This past week was absolutely crazy. Between the people who wanted to get in at school and all my clients I took care of outside of that, I worked my butt off. Even after I got done at school on the 24th, I still ran over to my office to sell a few gift certificates and take care of a few waxes. I literally did nothing on the 26th and I am telling you that it was very well-deserved.


In school this week we had no theory due to the holiday. Our week was instead filled with a presentation on different companies that can help independent contractors and the self-employed better prepare themselves to pay taxes and keep bookkeeping in order. I found this presentation to be vastly helpful as I have not been able to keep up on my bookkeeping for the last 10 weeks. I love the idea that for a nominal monthly fee I could pay someone to do it for me. This is definitely something that I will be looking into when I have more time on my hands in the next few weeks.


This week I did three full sets, two fills, at least three manicures and four pedicures. It was great how they kept us booked this week. That’s the way I prefer to be. If I have to be there, I want to be busy! On Christmas Eve I was the only one in my class who came in. I do recognize that I have the shortest drive to the school, but my office is only five minutes away and I had to work after school anyway. At least we got excused at noon as apposed to 4:45. There were actually several walk-ins for manicuring services and since I was booked with a pedicure and a full set, the cosmetology students had to cover everything else. They need the requirements too, so I am sure that they were grateful to be getting them done now.


My husband and I had a lovely Christmas together, it was our first as a married couple. It was definitely busy, but we celebrated well. My mother gave me money toward my business and it is burning a hole in my pocket. There are two nails-only beauty supply stores within 10 minutes of my office and I cannot wait to start spending so I will be ready for any service my future clients want! I have not gotten a state board date yet, I hoping that this week I will hear back. There is still next week, but I am desperate to hear when I will be testing. The girls who are graduating over the next few weeks as cosmetology students are out as far as March already. There are more of them then there are of us, but I really don’t want to have to wait two months. That would be truly awful!


It is amazing to me that New Year’s Eve is this coming Friday. I am so looking forward to it. Many good things are coming in this New Year and I am ready to take it all on!


— Karyn

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