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Week 12: Graduation Week!

by NAILS Magazine | January 13, 2011

Without a doubt this was my easiest week yet. Despite the fact that I had to take an exam with 220+ questions on it and get all my ducks in a row to graduate, the week went by fast and was really easy.


We were given the test first thing on Tuesday morning and had two hours to take it. If we didn’t finish it, we had the next morning as well. I finished the test in 45 min and it covered everything: Nail diseases, skin issues, anatomy, chemistry of nail products, electric filing, sanitation — everything and anything that the state board could possibly test us on. It was very comprehensive, a lot of the questions were the same questions reiterated over and over using different wording. It was confusing and lengthy, but I enjoyed taking it. I enjoyed it even more when I realized all my studying was paying off and out of all the questions I only missed 18, which equaled an A.


The next day I had to do a student survey and another test that wasn’t for a grade but for practice that I got to keep when I was done. My resume was turned in, all my book work was done and I was literally just waiting for 1:15 p.m. on Friday to roll around. Luckily I had clients to keep me busy and more study time to fill my brain with all the nail disease terms I could handle, and to make sure that the structure of the nail was an image burned into my brain so that I could name any given part of it with my eyes closed.


On Thursday my Dad called to double check what time I was going to be done and to confirm that I would be graduating from the same school that I went to last time. I told him yes and yes. With that I got a promise that he and my mom would be in attendance. My husband confirmed with me that he had also taken the day off so he could be there and do lunch afterwards, which was going to be at the restaurant my brother owns.


Friday was easy. I got to dress in street clothes and didn’t have to take any clients. I got to school early and brought donuts to share. I hung out, made sure that my time card was done and filled out perfectly, all requirements being fulfilled the week before made it easy to complete. I had to finish some state board paperwork stating that I had finished all requirements and was now eligible to take the state exam. Right at 1 p.m.. my husband walked through the door of the school with flowers (that's us below) and two of our good friends that coach with him at a local high school; not far behind him were my parents.


Most of the students that attend don’t graduate until the end of the school day, but my hours worked out for an afternoon graduation. Miss Becky, the school’s director made a speech and graduated me. (That's me and Miss Becky in the photo at the top of this post.) As she said, its not often that she gets to graduate a student twice, and she did say that if I want to come back for the 3rd time to do hair she would be happy to have me. She recognized all my hard work in and outside of school. She knew that I worked almost every day after school and would even leave early to take care of my clients some days. She had read every entry of my blog and she felt that it was something that any student aspiring to work in this industry should read. Some people do not understand the hard work we put in and what it takes to do what we do every day. We do not just attend beauty school. We do not just do nails or hair or skin care, we take care of other people’s needs. We are knowledgeable in our chosen field about so much more then the basic consumer realizes. Our jobs are not simple; they take a good education and hard work and dedication.


I think she reaffirmed for me why it is I do this. It’s not always easy, but I enjoy the challenge. I feel truly blessed that I got to go back to school again. There are many reasons why I chose Citrus Heights Beauty College, but one of the biggest reasons was the passion of the staff to instill success in their students. They pass on that passion to go out and do the best that we absolutely can do. This is why I love my job so much. The people who gave me the foundation of my education taught me how to be passionate about my education and my goals. I cannot wait to take that test, pass and to start building a new part of my business. I love this industry.


Oh, I take my test on February 2nd, three short weeks away!


— Karyn

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