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Week 4: Infection Control and Anatomy

by NAILS Magazine | January 27, 2011

This week has been more of a classroom week. Now that I have started working on the floor, it has been hard to sit still in a classroom. The good thing is I was on the floor in the afternoons because we are required to perform three services a day. On Monday we worked on infection control and how to properly sanitize our implements. After looking at the photos and seeing all the infections that are possible, it made me feel so gross and want to disinfect the stuff we use. The class seemed to drag out because we were sitting all day reading about it — even though learning about the different types of bacteria that are in the air was kind of interesting. But learning the shapes and examples of the bacteria was kind of boring. It has to be learned though.

Tuesday was a bit better for me. We finished up the chapter on Infection  Control and worked on the floor for the remainder of the day. I ended up doing five services that day. I was so tired by the end of the day and could not wait to get home. I am excited because our instructor said we could start adding artwork to the nails we are doing! It is so nice because I wear gels on my nails and they do not come off when I am working with acetone. So my nails remain designed the way I like them.

We also got our name tags for school now and I am so excited. I haven’t worn a name tag in so long, and at first it felt uncomfortable but by the end of the day I did not even notice. Plus, I was able to learn the names of my classmates as well.

After class, I went out to run errands, and so many people asked where I got my nails done and I said I did them. They asked if I had a business card. I don’t have any but was flattered because I know what I learned in the first week is true. We are our own advertisement, and it is amazing that people notice my bright neon pink nails with the cheetah design on them.

Wednesday was a harder day because I am learning the anatomy of the  body. I am so overwhelmed. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to learn the stuff. If anyone out there can give me some tips on how to learn them, please let me know. I can review flash cards, write them down in my notes, but nothing seems to work. I know some of the stuff from school years ago but I can’t seem to find a way to memorize it. I ended up just looking at the chapter all day in a haze because I could not remember this stuff. My instructor told me that we are going to incorporate our services with learning the anatomy. So, I have time to learn the anatomy throughout my hours.

I ended up becoming so frustrated that I worked on the floor doing pedicures.  I love doing pedicures because it allows me to work with people. It just seems like once someone sits in the chair it magically allows them to start talking about life, happiness and careers. I just listen and repeat what they say. I just find it interesting and rewarding because I have always wanted a job where it allowed me to be social.

Thursday I had to review the Infection Control in the morning so I was prepared for lecture and to go over my workbook. Now that I’m finished with that, I will do one more review before I take the test on Friday. I started working on my resume and portfolio so I can look for a job once I am certified. I am excited with how it is coming along, but I have to figure out how I can get it in electronic form with the resume and photos. It scares me because I wonder if I will be able to get a job or have clients once I become certified.

We ended up taking our test on Infection Control at the end of the day. I made an 85% on it. I was bummed out but my instructor Rebecca sat me down and said I did great. I should not focus on the book work and memorizing things word for word. Instead I should realize that practicals, clients and my work on services are the most important things. I am doing well in all of the things needed to become a great nail technician. I ended my day with a manicure with a purple French manicure, and I’m glad this week is almost over. Next week is going to be exciting because it is acrylic week! I can’t wait.

— Susan

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