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Week 9: Anatomy, Skin, Disease and Electricity

by NAILS Magazine | March 4, 2011

I am sorry I didn’t post last week. Everyone at school was sick with either pneumonia, strep throat or the cold. I was out for most of the week due to having walking pneumonia and a sinus infection. It was a terrible time in the cold winter world I am in. We even closed school early on a few days because no one was able to show up because we were all sick.


Coming back to school this Monday was a sad day because the girls that I have become close with were graduating! They all passed their tests and I knew it would happen. I know that one of the girls will be a life-long friend and she has helped me so much with both my personal and school life. I wish these girls luck in their future.


This week we are cramming in all the stuff we could because of missing last week. It goes by so fast and it’s weird to even realize that we are almost done. So our work has now doubled. We spent Monday actually having to go over UV gels, no-light gels again because we (the students) missed a lot due to sickness. I know we spent almost three weeks working on it and it was long overdue to take the test. I was ready to get on with the chapters and take the test. I made an A on both tests for that.


Next, we went over the anatomy and physiology chapter, which was the hardest I have done so far. I was able to pass with a C, but in class we learned really cool ways to remember the parts of the muscle. Our teacher who did the theory was the owner. Many years ago she was a nurse and she was able to go over the parts with phrases for us to remember. I never thought I would be able to learn all this stuff, but I am.


On Wednesday we went over the skin structure and growth, which is so interesting. I love learning about the skin. I am now educated with how all these anti-aging lotions work, how our skin works, which is so interesting — although the parts of the skin that deals with disease and disorders made me not be able to eat. We ended up doing the next chapter — Nail Structure and Growth. The different parts of the nail are interesting and the things we learned include the different ways to form the nails. I took the test on nail structure and skin. I made an A on the skin care part but a B on the nail structure.


Today, we are learned about nail diseases and disorders, which was something that was really interesting. I think that if any nail has pus, blood or is swollen, we should not be able to have any service done on it. It seems like every disease begins with an O, which in theory I learned because ony- stands for the nail. I do not know how I am going to remember it. Since I have been working in the salon part of the school I have been able to see some of the disorders. I love that people always seem to ask why their nails are the way they are. I am able to remember some of the disorders because I have seen it and worked on them. The one that is really common and I never knew the name is the eggshell nail. I now know how to take care of a client with eggshell nails, which seems like a common disorder. It is nice to be able to see people that have disorders and be able to talk about it with the client. They seem to be really interested in why they have what they have and because it is about them; they listen. I know that I can not diagnose disorders but I can let them know why it may be a certain way. The more and more I do services, the more comfortable I feel and the fact that clients are now starting to open up and talk about their lives makes for an interesting hour that I am with them. 


I am starting to go through the chapter dealing with electric files and the world of electricity. That will be fun. I am joking when I say this. I read over the electricity part and I feel like an electrician because I have no clue what currents, DC or AC means. This is going to be a hard chapter because I have no desire to learn it. I have no intention of using an electric file on my clients but I still need to know the stuff anyways. I also got a copy of the laws and regulations handbook for the test so I can start practicing and learning.


I ended up going out on Wednesday night to celebrate the joy of my new found career, almost completing the nail program, and enjoying life in general with my new change.


Toward the end of the week, I always end up being exhausted. I know that I will have to study over the weekend so I can get ready to super charge next week in class. I still did my manicures, pedicures, and artificial nails as well during the week. Now, I have to prepare for the nail disease test set for Friday. I hope I do really well. I am almost done with my quotas, so I don’t have to worry about doing those and I can focus on the book work.


I enclosed some pictures of school life in the past few weeks with people I have become close with.


Have a great week…


— Susan


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