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Is $51,000 the World’s Most Expensive Manicure?

by NAILS Magazine | April 5, 2011

Do you think you could get $51,000 for a manicure? I’m thinking there probably aren’t a lot of clients in the market for that level of service. But if there was ever a place for this, it would definitely be Dubai, known for its opulent luxury. La Moda Dubai has announced that Cherish…ME is offering the Iced Manicure the “world’s most expensive diamond manicure.”

From the company’s website, “The Iced Manicure epitomizes luxury exclusivity, elegance and style. It lavishes your fingertips with 10 carats of brilliant white cut and polished diamonds, making it the ultimate extravagance.” 10 CARATS? OF DIAMONDS? Are you kidding me? I mean, what if you broke a nail?

Apparently, after an exclusive consultation, the team at Cherish…Me will travel anywhere in the world to adorn a client’s hands with the Iced Manicure. The aftercare service includes the removal of the stones and another consultation to create a unique piece of jewelry using the retrieved diamonds. (I was wondering what they’d do with the diamonds once the enhancements start growing out.)

In case you are interested (I’d love to meet you if you are!) you can e-mail to set up a consultation.

Let’s bring this down to a more realistic level. What’s your most extravagant service? What’s it called? What do you charge for it? What makes it special?

— Hannah

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