Blueprint of a First Year

Learning and Growing

by NAILS Magazine | April 7, 2011

I am so excited that Spring has finally arrived! With Spring comes the hope of new growth, and my business has certainly been a reflection of that. My business is primarily expanded through word of mouth. I offer clients a $5 coupon for any referral, and it has proven to be a very effective advertising tool. In the last two weeks, I have gotten several referrals from existing clients. It is such a good feeling to know my clients are promoting me and showing off my work.

I have been trying to better my work every day, by practicing different techniques, watching educational videos, and creating many different types of sample nails for my clients to look at. I can really feel, and see, a difference in my work and I have a lot more confidence in trying new things with my clients. Just today I had a client who works at a coffee shop and she wanted something that looked like coffee with a whip cream swirl. I used Hand & Nail Harmony [] copper acrylic for the tips and the Young Nails [] impression tool to create the swirl. Then I used Young Nails speed white to feel in the swirl impression. They turned out really cute and she couldn't wait to show her coworkers.

I am looking forward to attending a big educational day that my friend and fellow nail tech, Nicole Workman Hollenbeck, is putting together soon in the Portland area. Educational days are really fun and an opportunity not only to network but to learn a lot of new designs and techniques from fellow nail techs. These events are usually free, which is so helpful in this time of economic recession. I have hosted several, at my studio, and I am always impressed at all we learn from each other. It is my belief that everyone has something to offer and as we come together, as nail techs, and help each other out we strengthen our industry.

—Marie, All Polished Up!, Dallas, Ore.

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