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Week 2: Freshman Final and On The Floor

by NAILS Magazine | May 2, 2011

Well, I made it through the second week. It was pretty stressful overall, but a good experience. After theory class we continued learning how to glue tips on. I still have trouble with that but as I practice more, I'm sure I'll get the hang of it. I discovered I like silk overlays. Who knew? We had our first big test on Bacteriology and I got a 98% so I was very happy about that. On the freshman final I received a 96%. There is a lot of studying and a lot of bookwork in between learning how to do nails. We did a few gel nails and learned how the e-file works. I am definitely going to practice with the e-file. Hand filing is time-consuming and hurts my fingers after a while.

I went on the floor for the first time on a very busy Saturday. We were pretty much on our own on the floor. There were instructors walking around for questions and help (so at least we weren't totally out there by ourselves). The floor was controlled chaos all day and we were kept busy. I had three pedicures on the books. By the time I did the third one, I was more comfortable and able to relax a little. We don't have pedi chairs so we sit on stools and put the clients’ feet on our laps. It’s not the easiest thing to do because it's hard to keep the foot from slipping around. When I didn't have appointments, I worked in my workbook or helped out where I could. I'm nervous about having to do acrylics so I was really happy that I only had pedicure appointments. The last woman loved the massage and didn't want me to stop. So I guess I did OK with massage. It was a good week and I’m having some fun being out on the floor. I'm sure as the weeks go by I'll feel more relaxed about doing full sets or fills too. Next week, we have a full week on the floor!

— Terri

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