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Week 2: Demos, Demos, Demos

by NAILS Magazine | May 16, 2011

Week 2 was stressful but thankfully it flew by and is now in the past. Throughout the whole week the inner me was begging to get out on that salon floor. All I can say is Demo, Demo, Demo. Students must see a demonstration by the instructor of each service preformed and then write an essay. Then we must practice on other students before we are allowed to service clients on the salon floor. Needless to say, I'm demo-ed out! I'm so ready to get on that salon floor. I am not scared; I am ready to get out there and unleash my skills and creativity on every client that walks through the door.

My practice so far has been on the students enrolled in the cosmetology classes at the school. I am the only student in the nail technician program at this time. I think this has given me an advantage and great opportunity to learn and work alongside the instructor almost like private lessons. A new student did join the school — she is there to get her instructor’s license and is now in the sessions with me. It’s great to have instructors working and watching close by because many questions arise.

We went over the Basic Manicure again, and chapters 1 (history and opportunities) and 2 (life skills) were assigned for reading, reviewing and getting ready for the test on these chapters. The 2nd demonstration of the week was the Deluxe Pedicure. I'll be honest; I was freaking out and really nervous to touch a silly foot — but I did it! Also, I found out about these wonderful non-latex gloves I can use to perform a pedicure — joy to my soul. Now bring on the feet!

The week was fast and packed full, leaving little time for anything else. I now feel I am eating, sleeping, and breathing nails. I learned that there are additional career opportunities that don’t even involve building a clientele behind the nail table. Wow. A light bulb went off and got me to reading and researching this. In fact I found that if I wanted I could attain my nail technology certification licensing and never paint a nail again, if this was what i wanted to go in this direction. Much emphasis was put on business management and additional schooling in the business and health fields to branch out with your new career.

Me? I want to paint art on nails. Get Nailed in Wabash, Ind., is where I will spend my time after I get my license. Many thanks to my friend who gave me the push (who is also the salon owner). Thank you Aimee Emrick, more than you know! (She gave me this awesome gift basket to use on the school floor.) This knowledge helped me to set aside my guilty feelings about my 11-year college education in business management and accounting, knowing now that expensive education has not gone to waste and I can use it in my nail career. This even gave me a sense of freedom and relief. The definition of the week that caught my eye was: Nail Technology – the art and science of beautifying and improving the nails and skin of the hands and feet.

Lastly, let's all give a big thanks to Queen Cleopatra for pushing the limits and elevating beauty services into a profession and luxury. Next week the salon floor will have my name on the appointment book. It has to be exciting out there. SNAP to the new week!

— Marti

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