Are You Slow or Just Meticulous?

by Holly Schippers | May 25, 2011

I frequently hear in class that nail professionals think they are slow. What really defines slow? Does this mean someone else in the salon works faster, are you comparing to the industry average time, or a manufacturer-suggested service time? How exactly do you know that you are slow? In addition to all of that, are you really slow or just meticulous?

Any service is going to take up a certain amount of time when done properly. Some people are very good about talking to the hand, covering all steps, and finishing at a brisk pace. Then you have the group that has cut corners to cut time. Next are those that must keep looking up at the client as well as talking with their hands. What do you do when you are doing all the steps, talking to the hand, and not completing the service in a time you are happy with? How do you know if it is that you are slow or that you are meticulous?

One idea is to challenge yourself. Call up a few clients that are regulars you are comfortable with. Ask them to bring something to listen to or a phone headset and not talk to you for one appointment. If this significantly improves your service time then you will know slowness is the true culprit and you need more focus on the task at hand. If this doesn’t make a change in the time, it is more likely you are meticulous. The best way to improve your time is practice. The more times you do the service the smoother the flow will go and you will get into a routine that has less duplication of efforts.

Don’t be down on your timing. Some people are looking for wham, bam, thank you ma’am nail services, but there are also those who want a time out for themselves that feels relaxed, not rushed. Hang in there, practice as much as you can, be more proud of the work you do and less annoyed by the time you take to do it!

— Holly

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