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My Wedding Minx: Help Me Pick!

by NAILS Magazine | July 5, 2011

I’m getting married on July 30, and of course I have to make a statement with my nails. Lucky for me, I’m having a traditional Indian wedding — which means color, color, and more color. Instead of a white wedding dress, I’ll be wrapped in a deep red and metallic gold sari for the two-hour long ceremony.

I asked the co-founders of Minx Nails if there was any chance they could create custom Minx nails to complement my wedding outfit. Janice Jordan, master Minx, and Dawn Lynch-Goodwin, chief cheeky Minx, sometimes create custom Minx for celebrities and for clothing designers’ runway shows. I was such a happy bride when they agreed to design the nails.

We met in L.A., so they could see my wedding outfit in person before they designed the nails.

Here’s a scan of the wedding sari sleeve that they were tasked with matching. They told me they’d send me a couple of different designs, so that I could pick.

Of course, I tore open the metallic silver envelope the designs came in the second that it landed on my desk. All of the NAILS team “ohh”ed and “ahh”ed over them. Even Janice at Minx admitted that they turned out better than she thought! I’m impressed with how they exactly matched the pattern of my sari.

I’m in love with the four designs below, and I’m thinking of wearing one of the simpler ones on my fingernails and one of the more ornate ones on my toes. Since you guys are the nail experts, will you weigh in on each pattern(s) you think I should go with? Just leave a note in the Comments section with your opinion. Thanks!


P.S. I lucked out with being able to get custom designed Minx, because I guess my position as managing editor of NAILS Magazine qualifies me as a minor celebrity. For those of you whose clients want to wear Minx for a special occasion, custom Minx are likely not a possibility; however, there are quite a lot of wedding-worthy designs in the standard Minx design collection. Here are some of my faves:
Burgundy with Golden Lightening Moons – perfect for other Indian brides!
Minx Professional Bridal — a lovely lace design for a traditional bride
Anything from the Tease Me line, which features two solid colors on each nail. Pick the color that best matches the bride’s color scheme!

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