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Reforming a Nail Biter

by NAILS Magazine | July 18, 2011
I have to start this entry with something completely unrelated to work, but wonderful when it comes to my personal life. My brother and his wife became the proud parents of a beautiful, healthy baby girl this past week, making me an aunt for the first time ever! Even though I spent my week working between trips to the hospital, it was terribly exciting, and I wish to send huge congratulations to them and my very proud parents who are now first-time grandparents.

Work this month has not slowed down like I expected it to, which has made me a happy business owner. I love having a lot to do and people to take care of! I have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off and I have never been so happy to do my work laundry. My mother pointed out that I am probably getting my due. I have been persevering in this industry for a long time and it's about time I have a large enough clientele that I don’t have to deal with lulls in the seasons.

A dear friend and client called me late last month sounding excited over the fact that she has finally stopped biting her nails! I do have to agree that this is a good thing. We have been doing bi-monthly manicures to keep her nails healthy. The inflammation she used to have from the chewing of her nails nearly down to the eponychium is almost gone! She was a chronic nail bitter since childhood, showing every symptom of onychophagy. I really couldn’t be happier for her! The ultimate goal now is to maintain a healthy nail growth and to get the entire nail bed and surrounding tissue to a healthy state with no inflammation. She would ideally like to start wearing nail enhancements to help deter her from any sort of temptation to chew her nails. I would say that we are on the road to that goal. This month’s accompanying photo is of her nails when we went out for drinks to celebrate. She is someone who adores nail polish and is looking forward to being able to actually wear it on her fingernails as well as her toenails.

I feel like I am loving my job more and more every day and I have always loved my job. I have said this before that I don’t consider what I do work -- it’s a true passion. I consider it a blessing that I get to do this everyday. I always wonder what the future holds, and I look forward to it.

—Karyn, Body Skin and Nails by Karyn, Roseville, Calif.
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