Blueprint of a First Year

The New Tech Checks In

by NAILS Magazine | July 27, 2011
Summer has been a very slow season for us so far. Being that this is the first full summer we’ve been open, we did not know that summer was such a slow season. It seems many people are on vacation this time of year. But, to put a positive spin on the slow season, we’ve taken this time to work on our plan for the next several months (marketing, new services, new products, our one-year anniversary party, etc). It has also given me an opportunity to get Tammy trained a little more (see her message below). 

A Message from Tammy:

My name is Tammy Medlin and I work for Tickled Pink Salon and Nail Spa in Clayton. While in school I knew from the get-go I was going to go straight into booth rental. Well, let’s just say that was a big mistake! See, as a booth renter I was responsible for everything. Getting my own supplies, doing my own marketing, networking, and building up a clientele. Well I lasted longer than I thought I would and yes there were times in-between that I would go and interview with salons because I was having no income coming in to me personally. Everything that was coming in was going straight to the booth rental. So after much talking it over with my husband I knew what I had to do. I had to leave the place I was at. It was putting a strain on me financially.

They say everything happens for a reason. So I started looking on Craigslist and I kept seeing an ad for a nail technician at Tickled Pink. I kept putting it off until one day I told myself to call it. When I called I asked if the position had been filled. She told me no and asked if I wanted to come in for an interview. Well needless say the interview went great and the pedicure I did for Melodie was good. She hired me and since being here let’s just say it has been awesome!

Yes, there are many ways of doing a pedicure and everyone out there is doing them differently — but having a medical background I find that protocol needs to be very consistent from tech to tech. I’ve been here for one month and the training has been ongoing and will continue. Now looking back I know I made the right decision. There are some things that I still have to work on — for instance getting to where I can do French tips in one to two swoops compared to school method and going over the medical conditions on the client’s information sheet to make sure I do not perform an incorrect service — in other words, some of the small details that are not taught through school that should be. I am having to learn here in the real world of being a nail technician.

— Melodie, Tickled Pink Salon & Nail Spa, Clayton, N.C.

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